Giselle is two weeks old

In the morning, it’s Poupette and Maman who take care of me 🙂
“I am all cleaned, fed and changed”
I am exhausted…
No… really!!
After we are all heading for a fun walk to Le Pain Quotidien for girls lunch

At home in my lounge chair I like to suck my thumb
Guess whose home?!!

Papa is home!

I am tired now, it’s dodo time

The next morning we walk to Coffee Bean for a decaff cappuccino non-fat milk for Maman, a double expresso with a glass of ice for Poupette and some milk for Giselle

At the French Consulat with Poupette and Maman

Taking a nap by the pool

Fashionable with a legging and a tunic

On Sunday when I woke up, Poupette takes me for a walk and we stopped by the Farmers Market to bring back some beautiful flowers for the house.

In the afternoon, we are going on a walk in Santa Monica.

Giselle is a bit of a fashionista with a tie-dye dress!!
A new week starts and we are going on walks again

and we hugs at night…

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