Giselle is 3 weeks old

Giselle is 3 weeks old, she has changed so much already…
Giselle’s main activities apart from eating and sleeping, are plenty “promenades” with maman during the day and lots of “calins” with papa at night

Maman plays dress up with me. I think she thinks I am a doll!!

Maman and me

Papa and me

I love when daddy read me stories, I have plenty pretty dreams afterwards!

This week we did the passport picture photoshoot!

Guess which picture meets all the requirements:
– eyes opened
– straight face
– mouth closed
– no smile
– no funny face
– no hand in the picture nor on the face 
Quite an achievement for a newborn!!

The last one is the good one!!
Great job Giselle!!
Now we are waiting for the passport and hop France here we come!!

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