Giselle is 1 month old

Giselle is already 1 month old!! Time is flying and our little girl is growing

Merci Bonne-Maman pour la petite veste et les petits chaussons 🙂
Good morning everybody! Today we are going to get the French consulate.

Merci Poupette pour ma jolie tenue! This is High Fashion as Papa would say!
We are ready! Let’s go!

 In the afternoon it’s relax time in the lounge chair


During the day, we take plenty pictures for Papa.


Look who came to visit me!! I am meeting Maman’s gf Laura and my very new gf Mia. 
We are going to be besties!!!

 I really like my lounge chair and I start discovering my thumb.

The weekend I get to spend plenty time with my Papa. We go on walk, we hug in bed and we hug also while we walk…

Have a nice week everybody…

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