Giselle’s fifth week

Giselle is growing… and she is smiling now!!

I am well surrounded when I sleep.
A very special thank you to my tata Lolo for the 4 little bears (handmade) who watch over me while I have sweet dreams and to my auntie Emi for my little lamp!

I always sleep in style thanks to my Bonne-Maman.

I love falling asleep in Maman’ arms

Selfies of Maman and I for Papa

Here is a little video mom took of me smiling 

Here is another one 

Today mom and I are having lunch with Michelle who is expecting my gf Indigo… in a few more days!! SO VERY EXCITING!!

Before heading out on our girls day, we are hugging with Papa

Before dodo we are hugging with Papa again!

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