Giselle is 12 weeks old!!

With Poupette in town, we all went for beautiful promenades.

Poupette introduced Giselle to the fountains of Provence before heading for Cannes.

Sometimes the sun is so bright that even with sunglasses and an hat, Giselle is not that happy!!

This week was also lots of first… We walked on the beach!

Giselle dipped her feet in the pool with her Poupette which was refreshing!

We introduced the ocean to Giselle with the big waves!

Maman and Papa went out one night as Poupette was babysitting… Merci Poupette!!!
They got silly and had plenty fun!!

Giselle starts playing a lot in her bath, she also discovered Sophie!!

Last but not least Giselle starts being on her belly. She likes it but not for too long please!!

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