Giselle visits her family in Auribeau

After almost 13 hours of flight, Giselle, Maman, Papa and Poupette finally made it to the beautiful country of the South East of France.

Frist visit, Giselle met her Auribeau’ uncle, auntie and cousins and Voyou of course.

While everyone meet the little one, Maman opens the presents!! 🙂

Always on top, Tonton takes care of the BBQ!!

We meet the adorable Quentin!

Giselle tries on a swim diaper in Tonton and Fabienne’s pool.

After the pool, everyone relax!

After relaxing, it’s playdate.

Thank you tata Lolo for the super cute dress!!

At the end of the day, Giselle and Papa are exhausted!!

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