Giselle meets tonton Disdis, tata Lili and cousine Chloe moi!

Another beautiful day in Cannes beach!

Today tonton Disdis, tata Lili and cousine Chloe arrived in Cannes!!

Giselle gets her first jewelry! Merci Poupette!!

On our way back from the beach…
The cousins’ connection!
Aurelie and Fredrik practice the PUSH of the bassinet! Soon soon…

The proud dads!! 

After a beautiful day, we all get together for a good dinner!

Chloe does her fashion/dance show… and everybody participate!

Dinner at the restaurant is really fun with Chloe!! 🙂

In the morning, Aurelie practices some more!

How to feed your baby…
…while your little 3 years old steals your toasted brioche?! 
She masters it all!! Merci tata Lili!!

Chloe is also practicing her BIG sister’s task: like taking the bath with a baby!

At the beach Chloe is very busy…

…while everyone else is relaxing!

Giselle starts holding her bottle by herself!!
But sometimes it’s better when Papa helps.
After he can nap too!
Chloe talks, hugs and kisses her little sister!!

At night we met with Tonton and Fabienne and all enjoy a delicious dinner on the beach with some amazing fireworks! Everyone had a really good time!!

The SEXTOY of the Miramar!!

Our last day at the beach, everyone has their habits:

Giselle sleeps in the shadow…

Chloe does some sand castle with Poupette… 
or is it Poupette who does the sand castle with Chloe!!
Last dinner at KIWAGAWA at the Majestic Barriere before taking off for LA then NY!

Poupette hugs and kisses her little Giselle before we leave

Cannes was awesome!!

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