Giselle goes to Saratoga Springs to visit her US family!!

After 13 hours flight from Nice, we land in LA at 4.30 pm and are flying out to NY at 1 am that same night!Let’s go for another 7 hours of flight! Giselle doesn’t mind!!

 Time to take off!!

In NY we got to do plenty fun things!! Giselle got to meet plenty new faces!
Uncle Jon and Auntie Keri
Aunties Erica and Kashka

Uncle Mike
Cousins Lily and Elena

Auntie Keri, grandma Jude and auntie Helen

In the morning, Keri gave Giselle the bottle.

Sweet Lily with her grandpa
On saturday, Giselle, Maman and Papa went to the Horse track.

At the track, we met Papa’s childhood friend Chad.
The next day, Giselle got to hang out with her auntie Erin…
and played with her cousin Elena.
She discovered Sesame Street and played in the bouncer.

Later she snuggled with grandma Jude.

Before we flew back to LA, Giselle got to meet her sweet friends Zoe and Maizy.

Maizy, Giselle and Zoe

Auntie Jen
Time to fly back home after an amazing trip around Europe and the US.

Giselle is back in LA!

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