The whole family flies to Rome, Italy for Tone’s wedding!

 Here we are!

For dinner we are meeting everybody at the restaurant Osteria dell’ Anima!

The next day we enjoy the beautiful pool

 Chloe loves taking care of her Giselle

In the afternoon it’s time for Tone’s wedding

 3 generation of ladies!!

 The very cute flower girls 
 But where is the bride??
The outdoor church

 Here comes the bride…

 Congratulation to the beautiful couple!

Fredrik is a gentleman!

After the little one are asleep, Maman and Papa go dancing!

The next day we enjoy some more pool!

The little one take a nap under the umbrella!

After the pool, we are going in town to see the beauty of Rome!

Giselle can’t believe the menu when all she gets to eat is Maman’s milk.

Our last day in Rome and we get to enjoy one more day at the pool!

Poupette in her 72 laps swim challenge!

Giselle loves her Papa

 Beautiful Aurelie at 8 months pregnant!

Chloe loves “tontonmison”

 and her Giselle!

Before we left, we went to see the Vatican.

 We are flying back, bye-bye Rome!!

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