Giselle is 20 weeks old!!

Giselle is a happy little baby girl. She just can’t stop smiling!

 On Sunday she helps Papa cooking.

On Monday, Giselle stayed at Jana’s so Maman can attend a meeting! Merci Jana!!

Now Giselle drinks her bottle by herself!

Giselle and her teeth!! OUCH!!

 Giselle keeps her smile!!

Giselle likes her doll. Merci Fabienne and Tonton.

Giselle loves her play time.

Giselle is practicing her sitting position.

On Friday, we went for a nice walk in Santa Monica.

After the bath, Giselle likes to relax and read her good book “Sophie and her friends”.

 In the evening, Giselle gets her Papa back. She likes to cuddle with him with or without his beard.

Little highlight on Giselle shoes 😉

Back to her reading!!!

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