6 months!!!

On October 29th our little Giselle turned 6th months!! 

At the 6 months doctor visit!

At 6th month, we are introducing solids!! We decided to start with the carrot puree!!

Giselle is not sure she likes it!

On Friday October 31st we celebrated Halloween for the first time as a family. A big thank you to Laurene for the amazing costume!! Giselle was the cutest little red riding hood!!

She was on her way out delivering her strawberry jam…
but she couldn’t resist and ate it all!!

With or without the hood, Giselle loves her costume!

We went trick-or-treating!! Maman was the wolf and Papa was the lumberjack!!

Here are Giselle’s first Halloween treats!
Giselle decided to save it all for her Poupette, grandma and grandpa!

On Sunday we went to Papa’s soccer and Giselle got to play with her girlfriend Indigo!!

Giselle is still teething and she has now 4 teeth!

Everything goes in her mouth now.

Giselle and her papa!

Papa is explaining the rules to Giselle.

Giselle loves eating solids! She loves her spoon!

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