Giselle is 29 weeks old!!

Giselle  knows how to model for the camera!

Here is a sneak peek!

Happy Giselle
Good girl Giselle
Fashionable yet serious Giselle
Laid back and cool Giselle

We all know how much Giselle loves her books but since she has discovered solid food, she is now debating if she prefers fruits or books!!?

Walking on the third street promenade, we introduce Giselle to snow!!

Okay it was fake snow!!

 Giselle is not sure she likes the snow

She loves the christmas tree!

During the week we play with Maman.

#Selfies for Papa

Here is our little “Creche”.

Wait!! Someone is missing!
Where is baby Jesus?? 
 He is not born yet!! 😉
Christmas is so fun to prepare!!
Giselle is so excited!!
She wants to be at Christmas already!!

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