Giselle turns 7 months old!!

Giselle turns 7 months and for the occasion we are celebrating Thanksgiving!

Giselle has 6 teeth now: 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom! It’s more fun to eat solids!

Giselle what are you doing?
Is that Snickers?
You gave him a kiss!
You are funny!

Giselle and the love of bread!

Can Maman have a piece too please?

“Where is Papa??? I’m ready to GO!”


On Friday we met with Michelle, Frankie and Indigo for brunch and shopping!!

Mom Michelle is a natural: heels and baby!!
On the field or off, these two are inseparable!! #Papa on duty

Giselle is discovering the fun of the bubble bath!!

Before dodo, Papa is always the best story teller!

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