Giselle is 31 weeks old!!

This week we are all very excited! Poupette is coming to prepare and celebrate Christmas!!
Giselle can’t wait to play with Poupette!
And show her how well she eats!
Miam Miam!! Giselle loves eating pear.
Poupette is arriving!! We are so…


Look what Poupette brought from La Maison du Chocolat: Macarons…
And Chocolat!

So hard to decide between the two! 
Giselle is waiting for Papa to help her decide which one she will prefer!!
Now let’s show Poupette how much Giselle loves pear!! Miam Miam!!

On Saturday Mia and her parents came to say hi!!

At night we went to pick the Christmas tree!!

Here is our Christmas tree! Time to decorate it!

Papa helps Giselle to put up her first Christmas ornament.

Et voila!!
Poupette shows Giselle the Christmas windows.

Monday Maman, Poupette and Giselle went to Beverly Hills for some fun time.

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