Giselle is 32 weeks old!!

Now that Poupette has arrived our first Christmas can start! First let’s eat a little piece of bread! Who doesn’t like bread? Giselle??!!!

Look at the big gifts Giselle found!

So much fun!!!

Poupette and Giselle selfies!!

Giselle plays with Poupette!

Giselle plays some more!!!

Giselle is really loving her potty time!

Allez Poupette let’s have some more bread please!!!
Giselle learns how to clap her hands!! BRAVO!!

She also loves to dance!

On Saturday evening, we are celebrating Christmas!! The gifts are wrapped, the table is set and we are preparing dinner!

On the menu, we will have:
– a scallops carpaccio with a passion fruit seasoning:

– a ceviche of ahi tuna marinated in coconut milk with avocado and mango:

– an hamachi crudo:
– a miso glazed sea bass on a bed of asparagus and homemade mash potato:

– some pink champagne of course!

– and for dessert, a pear sabayon on chocolate mousse and crunchy biscuit!!!

Now Jamison will say the grace!

Look who woke up to say hello!!

Sunday morning, Giselle thinks she saw Santa Claus asleeps on the couch. Oh wait it’s papa!!
Giselle tried on Santa’s hat!!
Whose that?? Where is Giselle???

Santa Claus came and left plenty gifts!!

Look he drunk the milk and ate the macaron and gave a piece of the carrots to Rudolph and his reindeers!!

Giselle is all ready to open her Christmas gifts.

Wow merci Bonne-Maman for the very pretty little seat with her name embroidered!!
Look the big Teddy bear Giselle received from Santa Claus!!! merci Poupette!

Merci Bonne-Maman for the pretty dress!! Maman loves the “robe à smokes”!

Oh the pretty box!! This is from Maman and Papa!

Plenty eyes!!!

My very own KENZO pyjama!!!

Giselle helps Poupette to open her gifts!!!

Papa’s turn to open his gifts!!
Look at Papa’s ART… looks like Papa was on the naughty list!!
Merci Fredrik and Aurelie for the perfect StartUP kit!!!
On Sunday, we are all heading to the Zoo!! First time for Giselle!!!

Merci Poupette for an amazing first christmas!!!

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