Giselle is 33 weeks old!!

The suitcases are ready. Last playtime with Poupette…
…and a last kiss or plenty KISSES!!!
Giselle is all bundle up for the cold weather!!
It’s time to take off!!
We are ready!!

We made it!!

Giselle gets her grandma Jude back!! She is a lucky little girl!

Giselle also got her grandpa Joe back!!

Look who also came to see us: sweet Elena!!
Giselle discovers the SNOW! 
For dinner auntie Erin came to say hi!

Uncle Jon is here too!!

Giselle is so happy with all the attention and love around her!
Giselle also find her favorite food in Saratoga Springs: BREAD!!
Look outside the pretty Christmas lights!
Giselle is a happy baby girl!!

Before bedtime Giselle gets to play with all her cousins. Lily and Kayden also came to say hello!
One more kiss to grandpa!!

Today we went for a walk at the park and brought Elena to see the ducks!!

This Saturday we are celebrating Christmas with the whole family!! Giselle can’t wait!!
It’s time for the grandchildren pictures!!
Time to open some gifts! Lily is watching over her cousin Giselle.

Giselle prefers the wrapping paper to the gift!

Look at the two princesses Anna and Elsa!

Giselle borrowed her cousin Lily’s Frozen microphone!

Time for dinner!

Christmas is only starting! Giselle is now waiting for Santa Claus!

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