Giselle is 34 weeks old!!

This week it’s Christmas but first Giselle went to hang out at her auntie Erica. Kam was at work, Lily at daycare and little Kayden asleep so Giselle enjoyed the bouncer!!

Look at the elf, he was hanging out with Olaf while keeping an eye on the kids to make sure they are nice before Christmas!

Back at home Giselle hang out with her grandpa Joe and show us whose the boss!!

Giselle has 2 great cousins!! They are giving her plenty love!
It’s Christmas Eve! We are all heading to uncle Jon and auntie Erin for a nice Italian Christmas dinner!!

Look who has arrived… Santa Claus!!!

Thank you great auntie Helen for a cute snowman hat and Santa sleepers!!

On Christmas day, grandpa Joe and grandma Jude organized a big bowling tournament! Maman and Giselle are ready!

Great auntie Ivy is cuddling with Kayden.

Everybody is getting ready…

Grandma and her little girls!

Cousins’ love!


Time to fly back! Thank you grandma Jude and grandpa Joe for an amazing Christmas!!
Giselle is back home!
Thank you to auntie Vero and uncle Fred for Giselle’s new bike!! She loves it!

Waking up with Papa!!

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