Giselle wishes you an HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Before the New Year, Giselle turned 8 months old!!

For the New Year Eve, we went to celebrate at Laura, Mike and Mia’s house!!
Giselle and Mia have their party hats on!
Look who is playing with the cups!!
It’s auntie Lola! She’s doing her cups show!

The girls love to break the pyramid!
Aunties Lola and Luz!!

Maman and auntie Lola!
This is everybody at midnight!! Oh and look the little Nathan is there too!

The next day!! Papa and uncle Mike were tired!! 
In the afternoon we decided to go to the park!! First time for Giselle on a swing by herself!
The girls are having so much fun together!!
Daddies’ girls!
Giselle is also Maman’s girl! 😉
Giselle tried the toboggan!!
The girls are both potty training!!
 Back home the girls took their first bath together!

The New Year was so much fun!!

On Saturday Indigo came to play with Giselle!!

Giselle wants to work with Maman!
Our little Giselle is growing well. She wants to crawl already!

She has now 10 teeth and the teething continue!

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