Giselle is 38 weeks old!!

It’s a new week and Maman and Giselle are on the run!

For dessert Giselle loves berries!!

Giselle has decided to sleep on her belly now!

In the morning, Giselle plays and smiles at Maman who is trying to do some yoga.

On the potty, Giselle is a silly girl.

When it’s sunny out, Giselle put her sunglasses!

After her nap Giselle likes to hang out on the couch.

Then it’s time for a promenade.

Giselle likes to look at her Bestefar Rune.

On Thursday afternoon, Giselle and Maman went to see Michelle and Indigo at their new apartment. The girls got to have a playdate!
Maman and Giselle got to seat on…



On Friday, it was BEACH day!!

On the weekend, Giselle gets to hangout in bed with Papa and Maman.

See you next week!

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