Giselle is 40 weeks old!!

Next week Giselle’ french cousins Chloe and Elsa are coming with their mom tata Aurelie and Poupette. Maman and Giselle are excited and getting ready!

Giselle is working on her crawling so she can follow her cousin Chloe everywhere!

With the hot weather back, Giselle likes to relax outside with Maman after their lunch!

Because now Giselle can pull herself up she touches and tastes everything!!

More crawling practice!!

More sun!

When Papa is home, it’s catwalk!

Papa and Giselle selfie!
Now Giselle is a big girl and she wants to eat by herself! Carrots, cheese, turkey, chicken… everything!

A little more sun for the FUN!


Our little Giselle is really loving her bread!!

Giselle is a very busy little girl when she plays!

Giselle always stays hydrated on our walk!

Reading time!

Giselle loves when Papa plays some guitar and sings!

Farmers market day!!

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