Giselle turns 9 months old!!

Giselle turns 9 months and is having plenty fun!!
Brunch and walk with auntie Jana

Playtime on the patio!!

Walk outside!!
Giselle makes perky lips!!

Playtime in her bedroom!

Giselle decided she wants to sleep on her belly now!!

Giselle likes to move, move, move…

Walk in the Babybjorn!

Reading time!

Playtime at the park!

Giselle likes to stand up!

Oh the pretty leaves!

More playtime on the patio!

Giselle’s favorite toy is her lunchbox! Thank you grandpa and grandma!!
Yummy cheese!!
On Sunday, Giselle and Papa like to dress alike and go together to the Farmers market.

Giselle sat in the cart seat for the first time! She liked it!!

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