Giselle and her cousins Chloe and Elsa

Here they are! Chloe, Elsa, Aurelie and Poupette made it to Los Angeles. Cannes-Lyon, Lyon-Paris and Paris-Los Angeles, that was a lot of traveling! We are all excited to spend some time together before the baptism!

Little Elsa is ready to relax…

by the pool of course!!

Oh no, Giselle took Chloe magic stick!

“Chloe n’est pas contente!”
In the afternoon we all went to the playground and we had plenty fun between the slides and the swings!

Chloe slides…
 Giselle swings…
Maman and Giselle slide…
Chloe slides again…

It was so much fun to play together!!

The next day we were all a little more relax. Giselle worked on her crawling and tasted Acai!

For bath time Giselle played with Elsa!!

During the week we enjoyed some nice lunch outside all together! The weather was perfect!

Giselle puts her bow on!

Sisters’ love!

It was really hot!

This time it was bath time for Chloe and Giselle!

Cousins’ love!

When Papa is home, he likes to care for his little Elsa!

Friday is a big day! Grandpa Joe, grandma Jude and uncle Fredrik are arriving!!
Tomorrow it’s auntie Erica who is coming to visit!
Let’s get some bread first!

Here they are!!!

Here we go, just landed and Fredrik is already very busy!! What a great dad and uncle!!

Uncle Fredrik is teaching Giselle how to push her own stroller! She likes it!

It’s Valentine’s Day!! Poupette and Giselle are going for a morning walk! Giselle holds the bag!


Looks who arrived… autie/godmother Erica!!!

After a nice brunch, we all went for a walk at the beach! It was a beautiful day!

For Valentine’s day dinner, the grand-parents babysat the little ones and the parents went out for some sushis!! Chloe ate her meal in front of Frozen!
Elsa relaxed on her uncle Mison!
Giselle slept in her favorite position!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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