Giselle is 42 weeks old!!

We all had so much fun!!! Before the Kirkhus family fly back to France, they wanted to enjoy one last Açai bowl! Elsa even puts on her allover hearts dress from her tonton Mison! She is a doll!

Either tonton Fredrik’ hair products smell so good or Giselle is so exhausted from all the fun time!

Either way Giselle is sound asleep!
Thank you tata Aurelie and tonton Fredrik for Giselle’s cute onesie!! “I’m a ZOO-PER kid”

Before grandma Jude and grandpa Joe are flying back to Saratoga Springs, Giselle wants to show off her walking skills!!

Poupette is leaving soon and we have a few more days to enjoy together!

Giselle loves to eat Poupette’s food.

Giselle also likes to play silly as long as there is bread included!

Giselle is a sweet girl…

she just can’t stand still anymore!
After a nice brunch with Jean-Lu and Philippe, Giselle, Maman and Papa are heading to the Louis Vuitton exhibition with Michelle, Franckie and Indigo.

Giselle meets with Marc!

Giselle’s unimpressed face!


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