Giselle is 43 weeks old!!

A week with Giselle! 
Monday morning: Giselle likes to play with her ball.

During nap time, Giselle is all alert!

On Tuesday: Giselle likes to meet Jana for breakfast.

After her nap, Giselle likes to have her snack on Maman and Papa’s bed.

Tuesday evening: walk before sunset.

Bath time: Giselle loves her baptism’s necklace! Maman is trying to explain that it is not a teething toy! Giselle thinks she is silly!

Wednesday: after lunch relaxing sunbath!

Or active sunbath time!
A little basil to clear the palate!

Wednesday evening: Giselle wants to seat at the big table!

She tries!

Thursday: walk with Maman

Giselle is very talkative! “Une vrai pipelette!”
Thursday afternoon: a little bit of more sun!!

Giselle is very curious and like to keep an eye on the neighbors!

“All clear!”
“No really, nothing to mention!”

“Oh I am so tired!!!”
“Not really!!”

“Maman et moi”

Friday: Giselle is a mini model!

Little playtime in her bedroom

Friday at lunch time!

Saturday: Maman is at her French tutoring, Giselle enjoys breakfast with Papa.

Sunday: it’s soccer time!

Papa explains the rules of soccer.

Indigo wants to play!

Giselle prefers to eat with Michelle Indigo’s food!

What a week!!

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