Giselle is 44 weeks old!!

This week, we have plenty fun things scheduled. As always, Giselle likes to start her week with a little crawl in the patio.

Then Maman takes Giselle for a walk.

A day in Giselle’s life always includes some playtime!
With and without sunglasses!

Giselle’s bedroom has a new frame: Camille and Emilie’s baptism dragees box! Merci Bonne-Maman!

When Maman is getting ready, Giselle is keeping busy.

Giselle’s lunch break with Maman

After a little rest, Giselle is unstoppable!

Thursday was a really fun day! We met with Maizy, Zoe and Jen for a tchou-tchou ride! The girls explained to Giselle that before departure we all have to say: “All aboard!!”

Giselle was more interested in the plantain chips of the girls than the tchou-tchou at first!


The game is to run up and down the hills and into Mommy’ arms! Fun fUn fuN!

Back from Griffith Park, we had a nice lunch in the garden.

Thank you to the Greenbaums for this fun rainforest bouncer! It’s a great way to keep our little very active baby girl busy! Maman can finally get some things done instead of running after Giselle.

For the weekend, we are heading to awesome Big Bear!

Little lunch with the Greenbaums: come on everyone, say cheese!!

One more time!
well we tried!
The Dorflingers’ reunion!

Selfie for Fredrik
Selfies for us!

Hot tube time or as others might like to call it: JACUZZI!

Look who join us: Julianna!


Giselle with uncle Ben

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