Giselle is 45 weeks old!!

We would lie to apologize for the delay! Giselle and Maman have been a little busy these past weeks. Let’s see!!
Giselle and Maman got busy enjoying the sun in the patio…

Giselle was busy putting the cap of her bottle back on!

Next day, we had a little more sun!

On Wednesday, we went to the playground!

The next day, Giselle enjoyed her lunch picnic style outside!

Friday, Giselle felt nostalgic and was missing her tonton Fred and auntie Aurelie and little cousins Elsa and Chloe, so Maman treated her to a delicious Acai Nation bowl!! 

Saturday is always fun! Giselle gets to hang out with Papa!

Sunday, it was Mieke and Uzor’s baby shower.

Giselle likes flowers!!

Giselle is a rockstar!!

See you next week!!

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