Giselle is 48 weeks old!!

With Poupette in town, Giselle and Maman are having plenty fun times!

While enjoying a cup of coffee and a piece of baguette, we got to see David Beckham!

Giselle was little impressed!!

Giselle likes to bounce!

Easter is coming!!

Giselle shows her walking skills!!

Friday Papa was not working so we all went for a fun hike!! The banana came with of course!!

We lost Giselle’s banana but Poupette went to find it!!!

Saturday, Poupette, Maman and Giselle enjoyed a fun beach sunny day!!

Giselle got an early birthday gift from Poupette!!

Giselle finally received her bike seat and her helmet!! 
Thank you grandma Jude and grandpa Joe!!! We can’t to try it!!
Giselle is getting a teepee for her birthday!! Papa and Poupette got to put it together! 

It looks great!!

For Easter, we hide the eggs and bunnies!!

This is Papa’s favorite hidden spot!!
Sunday evening after Church, we all enjoyed a nice dinner!

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