Giselle is 50 weeks old!!

With all the new toys and the tent, we rearranged Giselle’s bedroom and she loves it!

She also still enjoys a little sun…

…and never stop pushing her chair around!

Giselle is growing and she is discovering the world around her!

We can’t stop her!
Giselle also discovers her reflection and she likes it a lot!
Playdate with Indigo involves a lot of kisses and hugging from Indigo!
Maman and Giselle on a walk!

Poupette is back from Washington and we are heading to the pool!

At the pool Giselle likes to snack on an apple!

Giselle and Papa selfie!
This weekend, Giselle received a little push cart from her grandma and grandpa! She loves it plus plus plus!!!
Merci Poupette pour mon joli t-shirt 45!
Papa showed Giselle that if she is in the cart it is also very fun!
Saturday evening, Poupette, Maman and Papa enjoyed a nice dinner for some adult time!

Sunday was a casual and relax day!

Thank you tata Mimi and Michel for the very cute little pants!!!

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