Giselle is 51 weeks old!!

One week away from her birthday, Giselle kept on receiving gifts!! Turning one is so much fun!! Merci tonton Tim et tata Lolo pour l’Exclusif Petit Ours Brun!!
After the Santa Monica stairs, Maman, Poupette and Giselle are heading to the beach for a nice lunch!

Giselle eats like a big girl now!

After lunch it’s Giselle’s turn to do some exercise!

Oh and we forgot to introduce you to Lea, Giselle’s doll who is always ready to swim!
Giselle is very ticklish!

On Wednesday, it’s lunch with the girls!

On the evening, it’s always Papa’s time!

On Thursday, with the warm weather back, Maman, Poupette and Giselle went to enjoy Malibu!

Giselle and Poupette take some sand for the decoration of the birthday party! Sushh it’s a surprise!

Friday night, it’s FUN time!

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