Giselle heads to Cannes for the Film Festival and to see her cousins!

Today is a big day for Poupette, Giselle and Maman we are flying to Cannes for the Film Festival and to spend one week with Chloe and Elsa!
Giselle is bringing her water because she knows well that it is important to stay hydrated while traveling!
Little snack in the lounge before take off!
Silly time with Maman!

Look Poupette, Natalie Portman is here in the lounge with us!

Flight Los Angeles – Paris
In the air, Giselle sleeps like an angel!

She is almost too big for the bed!

Look whose awake!!

Flight Paris – Nice

Look Poupette we can see the Mediterranean sea!

SURPRISE!! We are here! Nobody knew we were coming! 
Elsa is happy to see her tatie Camille!

Let’s go surprise Tonton and Fabienne!
With Poupette we also ride in style!
We arrived!

Aurelie and Fredrik left for Corsica and the girls stayed with us for a fun week!
Saturday! Every morning the 3 girls get their bottles in front of Mickey!
While the babies nap, Chloe make some nice drawings for her parents!

On the Croisette!

Poupette and her girls!

Sunday it’s FUN day! Giselle likes to start her day relax…

…with her cousins!

Afternoon at the beach!

Three princesses!

Giselle is ready for Club Med!

Bath time!


The girls help their Poupette!
We had so much fun yesterday so we came back to the beach!

The girls got to ride in Hello Kitty’s car!

with their new shoes!
Tuesday! Good morning sunshines!!

Wednesday! In the morning Giselle likes to make sure her cousin Elsa drinks her milk. She helps her holding the bottle.

Giselle and Chloe got to take pictures with Snoopy!

Back home the 2 cousins took a bath together!

Giselle tries to feed Elsa!

After it the baby’s turn!


Let’s go one more time for a little ride with hello Kitty!

We have so much fun in vacation with the cousins!
Poupette is multitasking!
A little carrousel of course!
Now a little playground time!

Friday! The girls like to PLAy, PLaY, PlAY, pLAY….

Today, Herve and Sophie came to say hello!

Poupette lost her wallet…
but she got it back!! Ouff!!

Saturday!! Aurelie and Fredrik are coming back and we are spending the day at Tonton and Fabienne!

Morning selfie!

Giselle is always up for helping Poupette in anyway she can!

Chloe is showing her tatie Camille some Magic tricks!
Giselle likes to stay on her tippy toes!

Selfie for Tim and Lolo!

“Mowgli escaped from the jungle!”

Sunday! Little Chloe gets her daddy back!!

It’s barbecue time at Tonton’s!

Happy anniversary to Tonton and Fabienne!

Now it’s time for Bonne-Maman’ picture(s)! 
(These are the 2 best!)
Well lucky for us, Tonton took more pictures with his camera!

Monday!! Nothing better to start fresh than bubbles on a Monday morning!

Poupette, I want to touch your face!

First time for Giselle on the carrousel! She loved it and laughed the whole time!!

Giselle helps packing or… unpacking!

Time to fly back to LA and see PAPA! Thank you Poupette for an amazing time in Cannes! Can’t wait to be back!

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