Memorial day weekend!!

Back home, Giselle has no problem with the time change. She is back in her routine! 
She is so happy to have found her laundry basket!

She is back into snuggling in bed with Maman.
When the bottle is finished, she plays and gets silly!

When we got back home a few surprises were waiting for Giselle!
She received an awesome card from her auntie Erica, uncle Kam and cousins Lily and Kayden.

Look at these sneakers Poupette got her!

She never leaves her sneakers and the card is in her favorite cart! Minnie has sung to her everyday since we got back!!

Giselle is playing with her birthday gifts! She loves them all! Thank you so much!

Maman and Giselle are back in the streets of Brentwood!

because it was Memorial day weekend, we had a 3 days weekend with Papa and had a nice afternoon at Michelle and Franckie’s home. Look at this cute little kitten! Oh it’s Indigo!

While the moms are groceries shopping, the papa are babysitting!
It’s tough!

Do not disturb! Meeting in progress!

Giselle is so happy that her papa is staying home one more day!


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