Because she is too CUTE!

So much time has passed and we felt like we needed to give you a “little” overview on how much had happened before the Summer started.
Giselle has adopted her tent and she loves to play in it!

Giselle loves to take care of her little teddy bears and give them kisses.
Giselle blows kisses (sometimes)

When Giselle is not in her tent she likes to push her trolley around, she’s always on the move!

She likes to accessorize her strolls carrying a bag around!

Sometimes she also take her trolley outside for some fresh air and some sun!

She even likes to stroll in the hallways

with Papa

Other times she would be pushing her trolley backwards because she can!

Giselle has also started to push all kind of things around… 

her bicycle cart

her stroller
her laundry basket!

Giselle loves to play with books, bottles, swimboard, tupperware…

 Giselle loves her Little brown bear books box!

Giselle is a sweet angel, strait out of a magazine…

When Maman is not watching she become a little Tasmanian devil…

making a mess!

Giselle loves to ride her bike and take her teddybear with her on a ride!

At the park Giselle loves to play!

Giselle loves hanging out with her girlfriends… 
Giselle and Indigo play together sometimes back to back, they push their cart together, they share a bucket of water, they play ball together or read books and Giselle even share her lounge chair or push Indigo in her stroller… this is true love friendship!!

Like all friendships sometimes there is a little wrestling!
…and  sweet Mia!
At the Museum, the girls are side by side!

At the beach they don’t leave each other side!

They share the delivery book/snack cart!

And the usual picture time!

Giselle is also very fond of her doudou!

Other things Giselle loves are salmon, apple sauce, blueberries, pineapple, watermelon, snacks, milk… Giselle loves to eat on her own!

During the day Giselle likes to relax in her lounge chair!

Giselle has become a really little helper with the swiffer…

or with the mail!

Giselle loves the water so much; she gets very excited when Maman feel the bucket full of water!

Like Maman, Giselle likes to wash her face when she takes a bath
Giselle loves water so much that Maman always gave her a nice bubble bath at the end of the day!
Little slow motions of our little bath monster!

Sometimes Giselle has great stories to tell!!
Selfies with Maman

Selfies with Papa and Maman

Giselle is Papa’s little girl forever!

Giselle and Papa are a real team. They go thru obstacles together!

They both are real fashion victims!

2 big babies!

Giselle loves to play with her papa’ things

Giselle like to dance 

Giselle loves the fluffy pillow because it’s so FLUFFFYYYY!

 And then one day Giselle walked…

Nothing can stop her!

She started to get very busy around the house

And really enjoyed her afternoon walks outside!

Giselle loves to make us smile everyday, she is a very fun baby girl!!

A real fashion victim!

She is not afraid of trying new things!

She is always up for a good laugh!

Where is my bunny?

More stories to tell…

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