Grandma Jude and grandpa Joe are coming in town!!! It’s 4th of July!!

This 4th of July, we had very special visitors: grandma Jude and grandpa Joe!
Giselle is a happy and lucky little girl! Grandma and grandpa are spoiling her with love!
Friday is off for Papa so we all get to spend a long weekend together!! 
Giselle couldn’t be more happy!

It’s Joe and Jude’s anniversary and we are going out for a nice dinner!

Papa shows Giselle the lobsters and the fishes.

Happy anniversary Jude and Joe!

Before going to bed Giselle sits with grandma and grandpa.
Happy 4th everyone!!!
Giselle is ready to celebrate!
Program of the day: relax by the pool, relax on the couch, relax on a nice walk with Giselle… RELAX!

During Giselle’s nap we all enjoy a little sun by the pool!
After the nap, it’s time to go on our walk! Giselle leads the way!

She shows grandma the bushes!

This evening, Giselle meets Elmo!

On Sunday morning, Giselle sneaks into grandpa and grandma’s bed to snuggle and drink her bottle.

Eating watermelon brings all kind of feelings to Giselle!

Monday morning, Giselle likes to see what grandma is up to.

Thank you grandma and grandpa for my super cute outfit!!

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