Summer in France part 2 – Moliets

Next stop for the vacation: destination Moliets! Giselle meets her tonton Timo and tata Lolo!

The cousins are back together!!!

Giselle thinks Elsa is a doll!

Chloe thinks Giselle is a little blend and looks better with some mustaches!

Sunday is beach day for everybody!!
On the menu is Ice Cream!!

Great beach day!!

Dinner at La Cave aux Moules!
It’s so fun with Poupette! 

Of course Poupette and Maman are keeping in shape even during the vacation!

All the Millet’s family cousins came to visit us!!
Mathilde and Louis are already in the pool!

Golfing and biking: the perfect combo of Moliets!

The vacation couldn’t been more completed with a night out at the circus!!!

The girls see the tigers!

Today it’s the Larricq’s family who comes to visit us!!




After a week of fun and great time with the family it’s time to say bye-bye to Moliets until next summer!

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