Giselle’s vacation with Poupette!

With Papa and Maman flying back to the US, Giselle decided to extend her stay with Poupette in France for some more fun! They spent a few more days in Lyon with the cousins.

Today it’s back to school for Chloé!

After school the girls go to a toys store!

It’s time for Giselle and Poupette to fly to Cannes.

Giselle double checked that Poupette has everything in her bag!

Direction the airport

Poupette is very well organized

Back in Cannes, Giselle feels at home! She has plenty toys…

She helps Poupette in her shopping.

She even goes on coffee-breaks with her.

There is of course the Croisette!
And the Miramar Plage!

The days are never boring and nap time is so needed!

To wrap up the vacation, Poupette and Giselle have decided to spend a few days in Club Med!

Giselle spends her day in the pool!

Sometimes to make sure Poupette doesn’t get bored she will surprise her with a little mess of her own!
But then again Poupette is so well organized that she thought of everything to keep our little princess busy!

When Giselle is a little hungry she like to bite in an apple.

After she is ready for some new adventures.

Giselle likes to borrow Poupette mini bag!

“Why should I stay seating on this chair?”

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Oh flowers!

Look who came to visit!

At the playground

“I see myself”

Back home, Giselle settle herself!

Look Poupette found a mini bag for Giselle too!

Giselle, who empty the wipes?

Poupette, it’s the bear!! Poupette!

This weekend it’s the “cousinade”. Giselle and Poupette are taking the road with all the Pousset’s family direction Lyon! Voyou the dog is coming too!

Tonton and Fabienne are driving!!

Oh looks who is driving now!

 It’s Romain and Agnès!
Water break!

Like Maman and Poupette, Giselle has to have so many bags!

This is it! It’s time to fly back to LA with Poupette!

Bye bye France! See you at Christmas!

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