While waiting for Christmas…

In the month of December, Giselle got to discover the joy and excitement of preparing Christmas under the nice weather of California.
With her girlfriend Mia, they went on the carrousel with Santa’ deers!

Maman and Giselle likes to play little dressing games: today I am the cat and Maman is the mouse.

Giselle had a lot of fun at the park with Mia!

The weekend was so nice so we brought Papa to the beach with us!

The next week, Maman and Giselle had a fun day at the Zoo… we saw plenty animals.

And Maizy and Zoe were there too!

At night Giselle was telling Papa all her adventures during story time!

The next morning, Giselle helped Papa to move the cars!

Maman and Giselle selfies!

One of the very fun moment before Christmas is to pick the tree. This year Giselle got to help us pick the right one!

Back home, she helped to decorate it!

Mon beau sapin, roi de forêt…
With the new week starting Giselle and Maman went for a little stroll at the Marina del Rey. It was very pretty!

Then we walk around Brentwood and Bébé came with us!

Several times!
Other times we took Mr. bear and the little cart on walks!
Then Giselle decided to copy Maman and she took her bag with her! She also likes to switch them!

A few weeks back, Giselle discovered the movie Frozen or how she likes to call it Elsa!
After Maman set up all her Advent calendar Playmobil in a pretty fake snow display, Giselle thought it would be fun to play Elsa herself! Let it snow! Let it snow!!

Lucky for Maman, Giselle was happy to help vaccum!

Look Poupette sent Giselle a postcard from the Guadeloupe!

At her 18 months doctor visit, Giselle got to play with hello Kitty stickers!!

Giselle knows how to be very focused.


She is also silly sometimes and loves to make us laugh!

With Christmas just a week away, Giselle, Papa and Maman went to say hi to Santa and Mrs Santa and get some hot cocoa!

Last Sunday before our trip to France, Giselle went to cheer her Papa at soccer!

Time for the Dorflinger’s family to take off and go celebrate Christmas and the New Year in France!

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