Christmas 2016 in Cannes

Cannes here we come!! On December 23, Giselle, Papa and Maman flew to France to spend Christmas at Poupette’s.

 The family is boarded!!

Giselle keeps busy on the plane!

It’s Christmas Eve!! We arrived in Cannes for a delicious festive meal!

It’s Christmas!! Good morning!

Christmas at the beach!

Jamison fights the darkness with Obi-wan Kenobi!

Day in St Tropez!

Giselle in deep conversation with her godfather Tim!

Day strolling in sunny Cannes!

Giselle’s first UGG!

and of course the famous Hello Kitty car from the Kids shoes store!

The next day Giselle got to go on the carousel with Papa.

Walking in the streets of Cannes
After a nice day out Papa reads a script to Giselle

Today Giselle knows she is expecting some people. She is very eager to see them!

Who’s coming?? Are they here yet?

Giselle is looking everywhere with Poupette!
The Kirkhus family arrived!!!!

The 3 cousins reunited!

Tonight we are celebrating Aurelie’s birthday!

Olivier, Sophie and Louis were here too!

The next morning we woke up to some more gifts under the Christmas tree. Santa came back for Chloé and Elsa at Poupette’s.

Giselle received her very own Elsa! She sings “let it go!” in french too!

For lunch, we went to meet with Sophie, Olivier and Louis on the Croisette!

Elsa plays with Elsa and Giselle tries to dress up Elsa with doll’ clothes!
Happy New Year!!
New Year Fireworks!
January 1st 2016!
The little girls are waking up slowly…

Jamison, Aurélie, Fredrik and Poupette have decided to go on a New Year swim!

Ice cream cones anyone?

Poupette took the girls for a little play time!

Giselle falls in love with the Martinez’s Christmas tree and its bear!!

Happy New Year Brunch!!

Maman and Papa got to enjoyed their nice massage offered by Fredrik and Aurélie for Christmas and then we all got together for a delicious lunch!

Papa and the Kirkhus’s family left. Giselle, Maman and Poupette stayed a few more days in Cannes.

Where is Giselle??

Giselle plays with some Duplo!

We went to Mougins to see the crèche and visit the village!

Tea time!

Before heading back home we stop to say hello to tonton, Fabienne and Voyou!
When Poupette works, Giselle likes to imitate her.

Bath time! Giselle gets silly with the bubblebath!
Last weekend in Cannes, we decide to go enjoy tonton and Fabienne beautiful garden!

Last night in Cannes, Giselle makes sure we don’t feel sad!

Time to fly to Paris!

Giselle tries to fit in Poupette’s suitcase!

Giselle shows us the way to the airplane!
Giselle loves flying!
Giselle meets her new cousin Maxence!

He is only a few days old!

Last playdate with Louis!

Time to fly back home!

Bye bye France! See you next time!

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