Beginning of 2016

Since our last post with the announcement of our little baby on the way, Maman has been pretty busy and has not been really good at updating the blog! Here is a recap of the first months of 2016! After an amazing Christmas and New Year in France, Giselle is getting back into her routine!!
First a little overview of her very first photoshoot! #veryproudpapaandmaman

Back home Giselle is very excited to find all her toys back. She can’t decide between the new ones and the old ones. After all, 2 strollers are better than 1!

Giselle is very excited to take her new stroller out in the neighborhood.
With Maman fighting her jet lag and pregnancy nauseas, Papa took Giselle to hang out with Maisy, Zoe and Josh. It was the perfect father-daughter(s) playdate!

At home Giselle gets back into her crafting… Little play dough!

On Wednesdays we go to the library to play with the kids!

Maman and Giselle start again to go on their walks together with or without stroller!

Fridays we usually hang out with Laura and Mia. This Friday it’s the History museum!

So much to see and to touch!!

Giselle and Mia hold hands!! 

PEEKABOO! I see you!!

When Papa is home Giselle loves to take him on a walk!

“I want to do everything by myself!”

“Un petit lutin blanc!”

It’s Friday again: another outing with Laura and Mia! This time it’s the Natural Park!!

Giselle likes to do everything like her papa!
Last day of January and we are all exhausted!

February was a month filled with fun time!
Stroll in the neighborhood!

Silly selfie with Papa when Maman is out!

Giselle in deep conversation with her grand-pere Rune and her Poupette!

Little calm moment

Maman and Giselle got to the Will Rogers park for a picnic!

Giselle likes to get around the house with her little bike! The reverse is not easy!

During the weekend we do so much: bubbles, swings, slides, bicycles, snacks, park, ducks, walks, breakfast, beach…

On Monday, Maman and Giselle go back to their routine.

Maman’s belly is growing!

Giselle trained to be a big sister!!

Giselle is a huge helper for mom!

Poupette sent Giselle her first Valentine’s card!

Papa is home and gets a wonderful greeting by Giselle!

It’s Wednesday!




Our baby is growing up!
Friday at Mia’s!


4 months pregnant!

Little fun BBQ at the Greenbaum!

Saturday is beach day with Indigo!

Sunday is Farmers’ market and more beach day!

Little walks!

I am a little artist!

Like Poupette would say: it’s MAGGNIFIC!!

I love carrousel!

I like to play dress up!

Guess what day it is?? It’s Friday, beach day with Mia!!

It’s the weekend! We are meeting Maman and Papa’s friends for breakfast!

Maman and Elodie

Little walk with papa and the helmet of course!!

Giselle’s show!

This month was filed with fun times, playdates, music, dress up…
Giselle received a nice card from Chloe!

Accessories are a must!

Fun playdate at Indigo!

Sunday fun day with Indigo!!

Giselle discovers CHOCOLATE!!!! she loves it!!

Outing with the helmet and the playdoh of course!

Giselle tries to copy Maman!

Who doesn’t like Bonne-Maman jam?!

Sometimes I like to dance with my big bear!
“Did I mention that I love playdoh!”

“Oh and Apples!”

“I like to feed them to my maman too!”

“I like my yellow bus that Maizy and Zoe got me!”

“I love my dad!”

“I really love my little wooden cart!”

“I also like to try to stay in trends…”

“…or even to set new trends!”

“I play the harmonica like papa!”

” I am trying to teach mom”

“always in style”

“My dad is the best!”

The last weekend of March we celebrated our friend Luz birthday with a theme party: 
Where is Aldo?!!
Mia was there too!!

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