Back in LA

Back in LA, we ar going back to our habits. Poupette is staying a few more days with us.
Giselle likes to copy Poupette!

Maman has a work night!

Little walk in the neighbor.

On Saturday, Giselle’s friend Julia is turning 1!!

Dinner at Malibu Nobu!! We were seating next to John Cusack!

Sunday morning is Farmers’ market!

Sunday is also Mother’s day!! Brunch at  Baltaire!

Papa is back at work and Poupette, Giselle and Maman go back to their routine.

Giselle opens her gift from tonton Tim and tata Lolo!

Giselle loves to dance with her big bear!!

On Saturday we are brunching at Au Fudge! 

Up in the treehouse!

Little tour at the Restoration Hardware store!

Finally Beverly Hills! Giselle loves fountains!

On Monday it’s Poupette last day in LA before 2 weeks and Giselle has a photoshoot! Here are some behind the scene pictures.
Poupette left and I found Giselle on her pillow missing her!
With Poupette gone, Giselle and Maman are missing her.

Giselle is revising her knowledge on the baptism!
Daddy’s girl!

Little pool time!

Giselle loves Prince cookies!

Girls walk!

Saturday it’s beach day with Maizy, Zoe and Josh!

Sunday it’s fun day!

It’s Zoe and Maizy’s birthday!

For Father’s day, Giselle will be in France so we are celebrating it earlier and surprising papa with a brunch at the beach.

During the week, it’s usually pool time because it’s so hot!!

Poupette is coming back for a few days and we make sure to enjoy before she leaves with Giselle!
Brunch at the country mart!
Cherries for Maman!

Lunch at Blue Plate with Indigo!

Ball game in the pool!
Girls lunch in the Palisades!

It’s Indigo birthday!!

Last lunch in Santa Monica!
This is it! Giselle is leaving to France with Poupette!

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