Giselle in France

Here we are! Giselle and Poupette are leaving for France for 3 weeks! 

On their way to the airport, Giselle fell asleep.

Poupette and Giselle travel light!

In the Air France lounge

In the plane!

They arrived!!

Giselle is already up and playing with her cousins!

Maxence is here!

Elsa and Chloe too!

Everybody is getting ready for Maxence’s christening!

Giselle is jet lag!
Maxime is here!

Poupette is so happy to have all her grandchildren with her! What a smile!

Poupette is keeping Elsa and Giselle for some more fun! And it’s double the “bétises”!

The girls do everything together.


“Someone finished all the raspberries!”

Time to fly back to Cannes!
Ouf Poupette has 2 Ipads!

No so much luggages!

Poupette had to invest in a second baby bassinet.

Look who has arrived! It’s Maxence!

Today the family are spending the day with the Norwegian cousins!

Chloe has arrived!

Giselle meets Neige!

Beach day!

The Norwegian family came for dinner!

In the morning the girls like to watch the cartoons in bed!

Last day at tonton and Fabienne to meet the little Lea.

Time to flight back to LA!

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