Getting ready before baby girl!

Giselle and Poupette are back in LA!
Giselle is about to become a big sister and Poupette has offered her Kidville classes!
First gym class!
As a reward for being a good student in her class Giselle gets an Acai bowl!! Her favorite!!
Then it’s Maman and Poupette’s turn with a little Starbuck! Giselle loves the ice cube!
Back at Kidville for some more fun!!
It’s Music class!
It’s the weekend and we are going for brunch on the Malibu pier!!
Little stop by the beach!
Sunday it’s the UEFA Euro soccer final! We are all invited to watch the game at Charee and Vincent’s.
France against Portugal!
Charee is making homemade pizza!
France lost so Giselle finds comfort in Poupette’s delicious chocolate mousse!
Monday morning we are back at Kidville for My Big Messy Art class!
Art project of the day: the SUN!
Paint on the wall! Giselle’s favorite!
Then it’s butterfly painting!
Acai bowl time! 
with blue hair…
Maman had a little too much I think!
On Wednesday it’s tea party with tiaras and bubbles!
Giselle is a very good student.. or maybe Poupette is just very very nice!
Errands around Brentwood with Poupette
Saturday before baby’s arrival, Maman and Poupette are having a girls day in Beverly Hills.
Papa and Giselle are spending the day together.
Giselle and Papa’s lunch!
The girls’ room is ready!!
Giselle is ready to be a big sister!!
Last pool day before baby!
Last dinner before baby!
Tomorrow we will be 4!

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