Vivienne has arrived!!

Here we are at the Santa Monica hospital! It’s July 17, 2016 and it’s time for Vivienne to arrive!
Maman’s bedroom view
Here she is! Vivienne Kirkhus Dorflinger is born at 6.31 pm. 
She measures 50 cm / 20 inches and weight 3.544 kg / 7 lb 13 oz.
Meanwhile Giselle and Poupette had a good day together!
Kidville Gym class!
Acai bowl!!
Time for Giselle and Poupette to come and meet Vivienne!
Giselle got her Maman back!
Right timing, food is here!
Giselle meets Vivienne!
Vivienne meets Poupette!
Vivienne is 1 day old!
Vivienne’s first bath!
All clean!
Giselle is a big sister and she is ready to take care of her baby.
Giselle and Poupette come back to see Vivienne.
Poupette changes Vivienne for the first time!
Day 2!
Father and Daughter!
Time to go home!
Giselle welcomes Vivienne!
Vivienne is a very calm baby! She seems to like being home already!
Papa and Vivienne are already bonding!

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