Back in LA

Back in LA, we ar going back to our habits. Poupette is staying a few more days with us.Giselle likes to copy Poupette!Maman has a work night!Little walk in the neighbor.On Saturday, Giselle's friend Julia is turning 1!!Dinner at Malibu Nobu!! We were seating next to John Cusack!Sunday morning is Farmers' market!Sunday is also Mother's [...]

50 years anniversary!!

One of the big event we got to celebrate in Saratoga Springs was grandma and grandpa's 50th anniversary!! Grandma had organized a family photoshoot for the occasion!Thank you for a wonderful weekend!! It's time to say goodbye and to fly back to LA.Giselle squeezes in a little playdoh time before leaving!We will be back at [...]

Giselle turns 2!

It's April 29 and Giselle is turning 2!Lily and Elena are getting ready! they have their Minnie t-shirt on and Helen is doing their nails!!Granpa and Papa are setting up the Piñata!Auntie Erica made a Minnie Mouse cake!!!Poupette and grandma did a beautiful birthday decoration!Giselle loves it!!Poupette is ready to celebrate!!Lily is here and she [...]

Boy or girl?

To find out if we were expecting a Leo or a little Vivienne we organized a gender revealing party!Cupcakes in NY!Mystery eggs in France!Giselle is excited to eat a cupcake!!Maxence a bit overwhelmed with all the girls cousins already!!! Is it going to be a girl or a boy?It's a girl!!!!!