Giselle turns one year old!!

Here it is! Week 52! Our little princess is turning one on Wednesday, April 29, 2015! We have been very spoiled with a year full of pure happiness and love! Thank you to all our friends and family who have been present threw all of it for your advices, help, love and sweet words!
To start the week relax, Poupette, Maman and Giselle felt the need for a little pool time!

Life is hard!
One apple a day keeps the doctor away!
Like mother like daughter
Lunch time with Poupette

Tuesday we all went to see Michelle and Indigo for a fun make-up/photoshoot day!!
Michelle is an expert at multitasking!!

Little flashback
Giselle is born on April 29, 2014!
First bath!

Back home!!

Morning birthday cupcake!
For Giselle’s birthday, Papa took his day off! Youpi!! Let’s have some fun!!

Let’s go see the fishes!! Les poissons!
Not afraid!!!

Being ridiculous never hurt anyone but it does make the little girl smiles!

Because Giselle turns one only once, let’s blow a candle before bed!!
Ouch!! It’s hot!!
No worry, Giselle didn’t burn herself!
Maman is going to help!

Giselle received a nice birthday card from Bonne-Maman.

On Sunday Papa came with us at the pool!

La tête sous l’eau!!

We reserve a special page next for the birthday party!!

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