Saratoga Springs in April

On April 26, we all flew to Saratoga Springs to share plenty good memories! Giselle is all packed!
On our last post, we saw the resemblance with Giselle and Maman; 
Now it’s Papa’s turn! Can you tell?

At the airport Giselle is all equipped!

Here waiting in Philadelphia! Little quiz: what is Philadelphia known for?
Please don’t say the cream cheese!!

We are almost there!!

At her arrival, Giselle gives grandma the gift Poupette bought!
Well she didn’t really want to give it, she kind wanted to keep it!

Giselle hangs out with her cousins and today it’s Elena’s 4th birthday!

The next day we are all going for a picnic at the parc.

Back from the parc, it’s nap time!

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