Happy Halloween


This Halloween we  had so much planned.  The festivities started on Saturday with the Franklin Elementary School Carnival. The girls had so much fun. Giselle picked out her Elsa princess dress and Vivienne was wearing the adorable Little Red Ridding Hood costume made by her auntie.


Yesterday afternoon, Giselle and Vivienne attended Kidville’s Spooky Halloween party.


Like every year, we all went trick or treating! This year the family’s theme was Peter Pan. Giselle was Tinkerbell, Vivienne a “lost boys”, Jamison Captain Hook and I was Peter Pan.


Little flashback on the last 3 years since our family halloween started…

Halloween 2014: Giselle’s first Halloween. She was the Little Red Ridding Hood. Her costume was handmade by her auntie Lolo.


Halloween 2015: The entire family dressed up as Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter and the Red Queen. 


Halloween 2016: Giselle was obsessed with Lion King so we all played the part. Vivienne was a little cub.


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